Friday, October 14, 2016

Week 1: About Me!

Introducing Me :)

Hello! My name is Natalya Nicholas but many people call me Nat, Tally, or Talya. I was born in Jamaica, but now live in the United States. I love being Jamaica, I love my culture and the atmosphere there. It's a very beautiful country and is very refreshing to visit when I've been living in America. Oftentimes, I am the youngest person in my class because I started school at a very young age.

Fun Facts?

 I'm a bibliophile, I absolutely love to read. I see reading as an escape instead of an obligation. It allows me to live so many different lives and experience things that I, otherwise, may have never had the chance to have experienced, even if it's not actually happening to me. Another thing about me that many people know is that I love words. I find them extremely interesting! I think that because I've read so many books, words just seem very captivating to me. Think about it, there are so many languages out there with so such diverse words! It's just amazing to think about. Also, I absolutely love music! I love to find new music and explore different genres sometimes. I listen to music very often but sadly, I do not sing or play any instruments.

What Do I Love?

I spend a lot of time at church, I'm a very proud Christian. I love my church, Ebenezer Church of God, and partake in different things within it. Going to church has opened up so many doors for me, like being able to serve the communities around me and experiencing things that I may have never gotten the chance to do if my church had not exposed me to it. I'm in the dance ministry, I'm on the quiz team, I help with youth group whenever I am able to, I coordinate small things whenever I am asked to, and I am in a group called "Reborn United". 


Something about me that I think is rare, is the fact that I love people. I love to make people happy, I love to make friends, and I love to smile. I think that smiling is contagious, so even if someone is having an awful day, a smile can cheer them up or give them at least a little bit of hope. Even though I can be considered as an outgoing person, I am very shy at times. My personality is a bit confusing sometimes, but all I really want to do is create change in the world. I want to help to make the world a better place with the skills that I have been blessed with. I hope to meet new people and just challenge myself to have an open mind throughout this challenge.


I am a feminist who seeks to redefine the way that feminism is viewed and all of the negative connotations behind it. I hate the way that women are portrayed in some instances and how many of us are still fighting for freedom that we may never get if the way that feminism is looked at does not change. I will be launching my own nonprofit organization this year to help educate elementary/primary school children about what feminism is so that they can effectively create change when they get older. I want them to have good things stuck with them so that when they are older, they will not depart from it. 

The End (Maybe)!

Thank you for taking the time out to read this (extensive) "about me" page. I hope you all would leave comments and send me a link to your own blogs so that I can check you all out. I'd love to talk to you all and leave comments on your blogs as well.